Anyone who wants to make their neighbourhood more neighbourly can get the ball rolling. Please contact us to express your interest. There is no charge for residents or agencies who wish to participate.

There will need to be one or more residents willing to be Community Connectors. Connectors are those willing to make it all happen – inviting others, making them welcome, organising. They are leaders who also encourage others to be leaders, as many hands make light work.

If you’d like to be in a Street by Street Group but don’t want to kick it off yourself, or only if others join you, you could drop a letter in every mailbox of 200-400 households near you asking for people interested in being a Convenor of a neighbourhood group – there’s a sample invitation under Resources. There is also a Community Connector Kit to assist you. You can call us to discuss the possibilities and we can put you in touch with other Street by Street Community Connectors.

A Street by Street Group can also be initiated by an existing, incorporated community organisation or a Council. They can take steps to find a local Convenor. There is a separate Community Partner Kit with information on how to initiate or support a Street by Street Group.