About the Garden Party Collective

The Garden Party Collective is a new and exciting project starting in Fremantle, WA. It aims to bring together all generations living in the area, who are otherwise short of company during the working week, by creating a network of neighbourhood groups with younger seniors as Community Connectors. A project pilot will run from July 2017- May 2018. We have received funding for the project from the Age-Friendly Communities Innovation and Implementation Grants Program.
Collaborators the Street by Street Project, Know Your Nation and the City of Fremantle are excited to promote integration across ages and cultures through the project, and hope that all involved will feel more safe, happy, valued, welcome and integrated in their community as a result.

Why Garden Party Collective?

Hopefully the Community Connectors will be inspired to organise a range of simple, friendly gatherings for people in their neighbourhood. Events should largely take place during the working week. We have chosen ‘The Garden Party Collective’ as our project title so that each gathering maintains that relaxed, welcoming feeling that you get when you first arrive at a garden party.
When planning a gathering, Community Connectors are encouraged to include a reference to a garden party theme, no matter how small. This could be that the gathering is held outside, or includes activities often found at garden parties, or is even an inside event but includes beautiful flowers as decorations! Gatherings can be anything from an afternoon to tea, book swap, and music/entertainment. The exact format will be decided by the Community Connectors as the project gets underway.

Pilot Details

• The pilot will assist with creating and supporting three neighbourhood groups in the Fremantle area.
• To do this, we need you, as a younger senior, to volunteer as a Community Connector if you live in or spend a lot of time in the Fremantle area.
• We will split you into three neighbourhood groups, and give you the support and skills that you feel you need to organise gatherings for people who live within the location of your neighbourhood group.
• We will support you to run your first two events (there will be two events for each of the three neighbourhood groups created). This will include some financial support for each event.
• We will provide ongoing support for you to continue to run regular activities in your neighbourhood group with the hope of all involved being happier and more connected neighbours.

Workshop details

Workshops will be held at  The Meeting Place,  245 South Terrace, South Fremantle WA 6162. Participants ideally will attend all three workshops to be part of the whole planning process with initial neighbourhood gatherings taking place between October 2017 and June 2018. There is no charge to participate.

Workshop 1- Thursday 19 October 10am-12.00: An introduction to the Garden Party Collective

Workshop 2- Thursday 2 November 1-5pm: Training and Upskilling Community Connectors

Workshop 3- Thursday 9 November 1-3pm: Getting the party started-inviting the neighbours

Find out more…

  • Yes! I would like to participate in the workshops and be a part of the project. Numbers are limited so please register now to reserve your place.
  • Please keep me in the loop about the project so I can choose to participate as the project unfolds.  Email
  • I can’t participate in the Garden Party Collective in Fremantle but please contact me about starting a group in my neigbourhood? Email